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Vua Quang Trung - Vị Anh Hùng Dân Tộc





Bản dịch từ Tiếng Việt sang Tiếng Anh

King Quang Trung - The Peoples Hero

Hall of Fame, national hero.

The French are proud of Napoleon Bonaparte.
He was a military genius, had conquered a large part of European territory, but ultimately failed battle of Waterloo in Belgium.

French peoples always respected him. Visitors to Paris to see at the top of the Champs Elisee, near the ancient Notre Dame Cathedral, near the river Seine dreaming, Triumphal Arch was built, a structure History Cultural Hung France, to commemorate Napoleon Bonaparte
, with consecutive victory made history French fame. đèn cảm biến: view home

At this time, the U.S. National has revolutionized the United States.
Main George Washington, a prominent politician, a national hero, was brought to America for glory.

Vietnam we have King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue is a combination of two characteristics of his military genius of Napoleon Bonaparte and prominent politicians of George Washington. King Quang Trung marching speed speed win war, evolution as divine, strict orders and discipline of steel.
Since the generals, amid the chaos around the cup, until his death, hundreds of battle phase come invincible, he has never known defeat.

We must establish Triumphal Arch Vietnam to honor the national hero Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, is an example for future generations of children to follow. Only five days of fighting in rushing, King Quang Trung Thanh kill 20 thousand troops, victory of the heroic battle speedy.
This is a great victory, compared with the victories of the East-West Minister Kim Stock title in the world, is shared pride for the Nation of Vietnam.

Ethnic Revolution.

In the 18th century, many of the national revolution were everywhere from Europe, America and Asia. 07/14/1789 French Revolution overthrew the feudal system continued through the generations. The dominant hereditary from generation to generation alias, must give way to agricultural trade.
Many countries are scrambling to make the team as merchants, win markets and colonialism.

In Vietnam while now, chaos were everywhere as the disorder Nguyen Tuyen, Nguyen Cu, Nguyen Huu Cau, Nguyen Danh Phuong, Hoang Cong?, Local officials and soldiers did not stand up.

In the South, in 1782 Nguyen Phuc Anh The Nguyen were the Tay Son defeated in Russia Seven Seven States is no longer vulnerable borders Giang, Nguyen Phuc Anh run escape to the island of Phu Quoc. In this battle, Nguyen Phuc Anh to rescue a French name is Manuel brought the navy to help, but do not succumb, Manuel had to burn the ship and die. Later, Nguyen Phuc Anh by Pigneau de Behaine (Ba Da Loc), brought his son, Prince Canh to France to study, thanks to help lead troops against the Tay Son, triggered the search market superparanoid colonies of the Empire and the West. One hundred years of Western colonial invaders!
How many Vietnamese people experiencing the pain, oppression, death, heavy duty very high.

In 1784, Nguyen Phuc Anh military parade by two Siamese Siamese general Suong Chieu Tang and Zhao, bringing two thousand troops and 300 warships War Rach Gia, Ba Tie, Man Tra and Thit.
Siamese nowhere looting and harassment to which it is disastrous.

In North Trinh Giang autocratic, kill King Le, the god of slaughter. Trinh hedonistic luxury that wastage of public funds, heavy taxes.
Midwives struggle Trinh Nguyen monarch conflict lasted over a hundred years (1620-1775) made public death, something spiritual suffering. đèn điều khiển từ xa: trang chủ

1788, Le Chieu Thong army parade by Ton Si Nghi, General Director Luong Quang, to lead troops invaded Vietnam, lacking just a little army of our country are once again dominating. A thousand years of dominating the enemy ships, over four times its nation, beginning in 207 BCE, the damage is too terrible! People have to find the forest elephant, sea pearls, high tax collection severe oppression under the rule of the invaders.
The people of Vietnam, spent tens of centuries of domination, to know how much the outstanding efforts of China to avoid assimilation.

Diego de Jumilla chaplain writes: "To meet the aspirations of the entire population, the Tay Son had to stand up to the national revolution, overthrow the corrupt regime, provide a fair and enjoyed an easy life for the people."

Buttinger, researchers said political history: "The social forces of that time, as guests of U.S. residence, the Champa, the world temple of Buddhism, Taoism, ethnic minorities are warmly
response and assistance, the Tay Son movement to take place successfully. "

Jean Chisneaux, professor of French historian wrote: "The biggest event of the Tay Son is the restoration and unification, removal of the country divided into two kingdoms Trinh-Nguyen enemy."

In his Vietnam Using General Category Details Essentials of Deng Xuan table, with the message: "The battle at the time, just like what the Three Kingdoms of China: Northern Wei, Western and Eastern Wu Shu.
In Vietnam, the Tay Son Nguyen beat God, kill Trinh, and unification. "

French soldiers Nguyen Hue.

In Spring and Autumn Period and Warring States, "The Art of War" fame and is applied over the centuries.
The military and Vietnam often Oriental or research and apply these tactics, but the success or failure results, depending largely on the ability and talent of the driver.

King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue, combat phase come across the battlefield, type in the south, Gia Dinh canvas four times, hit the north, three times in Thang Long, Nguyen wins Lord, Lord Trinh kill, beat the Siamese
La, and destroy the Manchu army, military strategies applied to natural popular culture: French Binh Nguyen Hue.

Military hero.
Steel and iron discipline.
Accurate intelligence.
Sophisticated planning.
Force lightning move.
Brave commander.
Speedy battles.
An influential, generous.

King Quang Trung to hold a brave troop strength.
He often said, "reinforced troops along the east and not reinforced, reinforced and not reinforced many elite."

According to the Western missionaries, his troops have high morale and discipline of steel, not violating people"s property.
The soldier is trained brave, a counterinsurgency won three of four to review it.

"Know the enemy to know me, hundred battle hundred wins", say the importance of intelligence. Emperor Quang Trung is a talented team of intelligence, resourcefulness, have two leaders who are United Finance and Management to help concentration, washed spy, infiltrate the enemy into the ground to get accurate information
, want to know what the enemy is doing.

Planning military operations, attacks on enemy lightning is a speedy public financing tactics of King Quang Trung Emperor popular culture, such as mental application on the battlefields of North Vietnam. Quan Nguyen Phuc Anh was Siam procession of South Vietnam and make the situation the family from August 1784. Nguyen Hue took troops into Rach Gam - Sucking Mango Dinh Tuong Province, applying tactics to lure back the enemy into the strategic points.
To the Siamese, Nguyen Hue"s army to fight on both sides filled waterways, or not turning up the Siamese, die a lot, just a few thousand people, looking for a way out of the water running.

Le Chieu Thong was army parade on North Vietnam through three reclining Nam Quan, Tuyen Quang, Cao Bang and the Long situation since November 1788. Our army was small, crowded army, our army distant future, soldiers built a fortress, mastering the situation. Book by Hoang Le Nhat Thong Chi, Quang Trung King declared: "This time we marched to war, the strategic review process was available, there are over 10 days as Qing pursued." He divided the army into 3, with tactics, Nguyen Hue, tips ink as divine, marching speed speed win war, and less than a week, broke invading Manchu army, army to victory, never
seen in human history.

Another point, King Quang Trung of troops very quickly. He moved troops into South Vietnam, the Northern Arab Army amphibious travel together, eating joints in the preparation of the game.
In Hoang Le Nhat Thong Chi, Tran Cong Saint said: "The Tay Son military operations such as flight progress very quickly, if they come back as quickly rocketed god, anti can not be, can not be pursued promptly."

King Quang Trung also apply proper psychological warfare, to military Siam and Manchu invaders, robbed bullying people, the people who create it, with great indignation brutal enemy.
He was a talented general, a king tolerance, prestige and ensure obtain grace to conquer the hearts of strategy, everyone should fear.

The Tri and Cai Dung.

He is a brilliant brain intelligence, a particular perspective, an unusually powerful weapons. The record book A Brief Story of Dai Nam have described the portraits of King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue: "He was like ringing voice, his eyes flickering like electric light, is resolutely intelligent, good fight, people who are respected ". Apart from the brave heroes of intelligence, which pioneered the battle, he is clever option of improvising during battles, ranging from mountains to the fortress, from the war to the naval combat, evolution uncertainty
, infantry tactics of lightning, bringing victory:

First among the world hero.
Jiujiang invasion crushed coral.
Fortunately Da enemy pile.
Sucking Mango Siamese determine Sprawl.
Kim great men than adequate stock level.
Constant along the East-West found the famous general.
Quang Trung generation of young talents.
South adorn the glorious dawn.

King Quang Trung special initiatives, arising from a progressive spirit and Country lucid about using the script, an idea Autonomy Independence Revolution. He heard one talent wise, for New Teacher ceremony, which has seen just as a guest teacher, invited the country-level resources like The La San Phu Tu Nguyen Cards, Wu Nhiem, Phan Huy Ich, Tran Van century, Ninh Tan, Nguyen Doan Tuan, Tran Ba Lam, Huy Vo Tan? are invited to the main. Him regulate courts, land reform, tax reform.
He thought of minting money and independence in all currencies, "Quang Trung Thong Bao" Canh Hung coins were replaced throughout the home market.

Ethnic pride.

Ethnic Vietnam proud of King Quang Trung Nguyen Hue. How our children will develop post-Vietnam Triumphal Arch in the mountains you paint, where troops of the North beat the invaders, or in Go Dong Da, where the army to victory in his honor. He was a mighty genius, with a record short time, his troops killed 200 thousand color bar as lightning, that have respect for the Qianlong Emperor, invited to attend the King Quang Trung Khanh Tho"s Week Eight Heat to be held in Ha of China, to really look at and admire the glorious God won the North Korea.
Dai Nam Liet Truyen The Border has said the Qing Emperor Qianlong and delighted at the corner coffee newspaper said: "I"m going to be met is that big dream."

From the glorious victory that, when King Quang Trung in office, the golden beaches of the sewer network Lieu Thang, which China has imposed kings of Vietnam, the annual tribute to Mui Dinh since 1427.

King Quang Trung uphold the spirit of the nation, using Han Nom replaced in the projection, expression, identity, example, poetry. The lyrical poetry of Ho Xuan Huong Female Artist, natural shifts in supply Curse of Wen Yin Khuc Nhu Hau, the translation of Chinh Doan Thi Diem Soaked Easter is the farm office Nom masterpiece, with contributions from pure basic
Ethnic Culture in the area began carrying the Independence, Autonomy of Ethnic Vietnam.

Moreover, King Quang Trung also preparing plans to reclaim the six continents of Hung Hoa, Tuyen Quang in the third, China has been invaded before, merged into Light. Shipbuilding work, casting weapons, train soldiers arranged long. Envoy to China in 1792 Ren Rat, proposed marriage and asking the Holy Land Korea, hit an excuse to take back the land, if Thanh Trieu refused.
Unfortunately, the mission Vietnam ambassador to China, then was promoted to news of King Quang Trung Ha, messengers to return.

History is the lesson:

Blood stained petal peach on each page.
Only used to fight the airline used.
Baby how the loss of phen.
What that also echoes the name phen hero.

Speaking on the page history of Vietnam by the blood and tears. Many heroes have repelled the invasion of the North such as Le Loi, Tran Quoc Tuan and Ly Thuong Kiet, Nguyen Hue??, But the victory of King Quang Trung, Dong Da battle was the most arrogant hero, most glorious, in the 5 record time 20 days has killed thousands Qing, unprecedented, horrific as terrified soldiers, as Vietnam fame history.
Lang Son from the gate northward, the ship together young and old to lead the run, over several hundred miles and absolutely no smoke.

In the Book of Tri Thuc Vietnam late 18th century, Mr. Ho Van Quang wrote: "King Quang Trung bring a distinctive identity, not only for Vietnam but for the Peoples of the world. For us, nothing is inhibited, is excessive when the pair behind his name from the list of beautiful, full of respectful admiration as a hero, military genius, gifted diplomat, a politician brilliant, a brilliant innovator, a saint, a god, why did he deserve to carry the new Great, has taken small Nation like Vietnam could reach the top honor bright
Southeast Asia at the end of the century

Vua Quang Trung - Vị Anh Hùng Dân Tộc
1. Vinh Danh Anh Hùng Dân Tộc.

   Người Pháp tự hào về Napoléon Bonaparte. Ông là một thiên tài quân sự, đã chinh phục một phần lớn lãnh thổ Âu Châu, nhưng cuối cùng thất bại trận Waterloo tại nước Bỉ.

Dân tộc Pháp luôn luôn tôn kính ông. Du khách đến Paris thấy ở đầu đại lộ Champs Elisée, gần nhà thờ Đức Bà cổ kính, gần dòng sông Seine thơ mộng, Khải Hoàn Môn được xây dựng, một công trình kiến trúc Văn Hóa Hùng Sử Pháp, để tưởng nhớ Napoléon Bonaparte, với những chiến thắng vẻ vang liên tiếp đã làm rạng danh trang sử Pháp.

Vào thời gian này, tại Mỹ Quốc cũng có cuộc cách mạng Hoa Kỳ. Chính George Washington, một chính trị gia lỗi lạc, một anh hùng dân tộc, đã đưa đất nước Hoa Kỳ đến chỗ vinh quang.

Việt Nam chúng ta có vua Quang Trung Nguyễn Huệ là kết hợp hai đặc điểm Thiên Tài Quân Sự của ông Napoléon Bonaparte và chính trị gia lỗi lạc của ông George Washington. Vua Quang Trung hành quân tốc chiến tốc thắng, biến hóa như thần, hiệu lệnh nghiêm minh, kỷ luật sắt thép. Từ khi làm Tướng, giữa lúc nước nhà ly loạn khắp nơi, đến khi ông mất, xông pha trăm trận bách chiến bách thắng, ông chưa hề biết chiến bại.

Chúng ta phải lập Khải Hoàn Môn Việt Nam để vinh danh vị anh hùng dân tộc Quang Trung Nguyễn Huệ, là gương sáng cho thế hệ con cháu mai sau noi theo. Chỉ trong 5 ngày chiến đấu ào ạt, Vua Quang Trung đã tiêu diệt 20 vạn quân Thanh, chiến thắng vẻ vang trong những trận đánh thần tốc oai hùng. Đây là một chiến công lớn lao, so sánh với chiến công của các danh tướng Đông Tây Kim Cổ trên thế giới, là niềm hảnh diện chung cho Dân Tộc Việt Nam.

  2. Cuộc Cách Mạng Dân Tộc.

   Vào thế kỷ thứ 18, nhiều cuộc Cách Mạng Dân Tộc nổi lên khắp nơi từ Âu, Mỹ, Á. Cách Mạng Pháp 14/7/1789 lật đổ chế độ phong kiến tiếp nối qua nhiều thế hệ. Sự thống trị cha truyền con nối từ đời nầy sang đời khác bị đánh đồ, nông nghiệp phải nhường bước cho thương nghiệp. Nhiều nước đua nhau lập đội thương thuyền, tranh giành thị trường và chiếm thuộc địa.

Tại Việt Nam thời bây giờ, loạn lạc nổi lên khắp nơi như vụ loạn Nguyễn Tuyển, Nguyễn Cừ, Nguyễn Hữu Cầu, Nguyễn Danh Phương, Hoàng Công Chất…, quan quân địa phương dẹp không nổi.

Trong Nam, năm 1782 Nguyễn Phúc Ánh Nhà Nguyễn bị Nhà Tây Sơn đánh bại tại Ngả Bảy Thất Kỳ Giang không còn manh giáp, Nguyễn Phúc Ánh chạy thoát thân ra đảo Phú Quốc. Trong trận nầy, Nguyễn Phúc Ánh cầu cứu một người Pháp tên là Manuel đem thủy quân đến giúp, nhưng không chống nổi, Manuel phải đốt tàu mà chết. Về sau, Nguyễn Phúc Ánh nhờ Giám Mục Bá Đa Lộc (Pigneau de Behaine), đem con là Hoàng tử Cảnh đi cầu cứu nước Pháp, nhờ đem quân sang giúp, chống lại nhà Tây Sơn, khơi mào cho sự dòm ngó tìm thị trường và thuộc địa của Đế quốc phương tây. Một trăm năm đô hộ giặc Tây! Dân Việt trải qua bao nhiêu sự đau khổ, bị áp bức, chết chóc, sưu cao thuế nặng.

Năm 1784, Nguyễn Phúc Ánh rước quân Xiêm La do hai tướng Xiêm là Chiêu Tăng và Chiêu Sương, đem 2 vạn quân và 300 chiến thuyền chiến Rạch Giá, Ba Thắt, Trà Ôn và Mân Thít. Đi đến đâu quân Xiêm cướp bóc và quấy nhiễu đến đó, thật là tai hại.

Ở miền Bắc Trịnh Giang chuyên quyền, giết vua Lê, tàn sát các công thần. Họ Trịnh ăn chơi xa xỉ khiến công quỹ hao hụt, sưu thuế nặng nề. Cuộc tranh bá đồ vương Trịnh Nguyễn phân tranh kéo dài trên một trăm năm (1620-1775) làm dân chúng chết chóc, điêu linh khổ sở.

Năm 1788, Lê Chiêu Thống rước quân Tàu do Tôn Sĩ Nghị, Tổng Đốc Lưỡng Quảng, đem quân xâm chiếm Việt Nam, thiếu chút nữa nước ta bị quân Tàu đô hộ một lần nữa. Một ngàn năm đô hộ giặc Tàu, qua bốn lần Bắc thuộc, khởi đầu từ năm 207 trước Tây lịch, thiệt quá khủng khiếp! Người dân phải lên rừng tìm ngà voi, xuống biển mò ngọc trai, sưu cao thuế nặng dưới sự cai trị áp bức của quân xâm lược. Dân tộc Việt Nam, trải qua hàng chục thế kỷ bị đô hộ, với biết bao nhiêu sự phấn đấu vượt bực để khỏi bị người Tàu đồng hóa.

Giáo sĩ Diego de Jumilla viết: “Để đáp ứng nguyện vọng của toàn dân, Nhà Tây Sơn đã đứng lên làm cuộc Cách Mạng Dân Tộc, lật đổ chế độ thối nát, đem công bằng và cơm no áo ấm cho dân chúng”.

Buttinger, nhà nghiên cứu lịch sử chính trị đã nói: “Những lực lượng xã hội thời bấy giờ, như khách trú người Hoa, người Chiêm Thành, c

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